The school project started in year 2005. The land was bought and donated to handicap Manav Sewa Sadan Trust of Palwal, in loving memory of Mrs. Savitri Deveji.


In 2006, the school construction was done. There are 6 good-sized rooms. One room is for the office and the other five are classrooms.

  • two rooms are for handicapped children and street children (the children who do not go to regular schools)
  • one room is for sewing classes
  • one room is for a beauty parlour for ladies only.

All these courses are 100% free.

Beauty Parlour

This is 6 month course. The students are so well trained by the professional teachers that before the course is finished, they are self-sufficient in looking after them selves if they desire.

3rd course computer, internet training. the charge for this course is 150 rs per month (about $3), to cover some of the maintenance work.


In 2007, the caretaker's residence was built. About half of the plot was empty. Sanjeev Palival (called Sanjay) is living there with his family. Before, this empty lot was used for the school programmes, and wedding ceremonies etc for the needy girls. There was also a stage. Sanjay was living in one of the rooms.

On the second floor, on right side, there is a 2 room set with bathroom and shower. At the moment it is empty. On right hand side, we can enter through a room like a living room or enter through a little hall. There are 3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom etc. There is hot water and 5 single beds. The living room has two takhats, made of wooden planks and a coffee table. One room has almaries (cupboards) throughout the whole wall. There is open space to sit in the sun. This is the area we are occupying at the moment.

The top floor is my favourite. It has one big room, a patio, open space to sit in the sun and some covered area. We can sit even in the rain. In this room i have a bed, a takhat, and a coffee table. My morning
prayers are done there. It is very relaxing for me. It can be used for student activities if needed.

At the entrance of the rooms, there is a plate with our names. I think you have seen it. With this official letter, we can live comfortably here at the school. We pay 100% of the expenses. Downstairs, there are lots of trees and flower plants. In this visit I am trying to set the things up here so that when you come here you can live comfortably.

Please save this material.

With love, mom.
January 16, 2012

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